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Pay@Table Restaurant Solution

Pay@Table Restaurant Solution

Short Range or Long Range Terminal Options


Your guests want good food, friendly service and a hassle-free dining experience. While it may not be top-ofmind when they’re browsing your menu, they also want assurance that their payment card data is protected.
Every transaction is encrypted and secured. The Pay@Table application protects against fraud and speeds up the payment process for both guests and servers.

  • HIGHER TABLE TURNS. A typical payment transaction involves a server leaving the check at the table in a billfold. The customer leaves the card in the billfold and waits for the server to return which can takes upwards of 10 or more minutes. Then the customer waits again for their receipt. Increasing table turns means an increase in profits.
  • HIGHER TIPS FOR SERVERS. Bringing the payment device to the table leads to more table turns and increased face-time, as well as higher customer satisfaction resulting in better tips for servers.
  • REDUCED CHARGEBACKS. Chargebacks have been on the rise. By accepting chip and PIN payments, chargebacks and fraudulent transactions are drastically reduced.
  • REDUCED IDENTITY THEFT. Pay-at-the-table prevents cards from being taken from the customer by servers and skimmed: customer’s credit card data can be collected from hundreds of customers in a week by fraudulent servers who collect the data and sell it for profit. Pay@Table eliminates that possibility by keeping cards out of servers’ possession.
  • MAXIMIZED PAYMENT SECURITY. Every transaction is encrypted and secured; so you no longer store actual credit card numbers. Protect your guests, improve service and even increase business all with the easy-to-use Pay@Table application and terminal.

Our Bluetooth® short range and 3G long range pay at table solution easily integrates First Data payment processing with any of 13+ certified Restaurant Management Systems (RMS).

iWL252 Short Range Solution at a Glance

  • 300ft range from terminal to bluetooth base
  • Securely paired to a single base station
  • Communicates to base station with very little setup
  • PIN authentication and frequency hopping
  • Low power consumption
  • 1 Mbps transmission rate
  • Battery delivers up to 650 transactions on a single charge
  • Every transaction is encrypted and secured

iWL255 Long Range Solution at a Glance

  • Unlimited range as it is based on your cellular coverage (using Telus or Rogers)
  • Seamless roaming where you have cellular coverage
  • Plug and play setup with SIM card
  • Certificate-based cryptographic transport layer security (TLS)
  • Medium power consumption
  • 2 Mbps transmission rate
  • Battery delivers up to 650 transactions on a single charge
  • Every transaction is encrypted and secured


  • Cut down the number of trips a server takes between the customer’s table and the POS station to complete a payment increasing productivity.
  • Allow customers to pay using their preferred method while eliminating concerns about fraud because the credit card never leaves the customer’s sight.
  • Allow servers to print a receipt for the customer even when away from the POS.

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