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VX 820 Duet

VX 820 Duet Wired Terminal

Make the checkout process fast, secure and reliable.

Electronic payment methods are evolving fast. You need a point of sale system that keeps the line moving, protects customer data, and can handle all types of payment, including contactless, chip and magnetic swipe transactions. The VX 820 Duet all-inone countertop payment solution will help you keep pace with changing payment types and ensure a speedy checkout process.

The VX 820 Duet is an affordable solution that takes just a few minutes to setup. The terminal processes transactions quickly using a traditional telephone line or over the Internet (IP) with telephone backup. With dual-user functionality staff and customers alike will appreciate the ease-of-use, speed of processing and built-in security.

Invest in a point of sale that can keep up with your day-to-day operations and evolving needs.

VX 820 Duet at a glance

Accept virtually all contactless, chip and magnetic stripe payment options
  • Easy to use for staff and customers – large 3.5”’ touch display with blue backlit keypad
  • Built-in contactless acceptance reduces transaction times and checkout queuing
  • Robust tip functionality
  • Receipts print in a flash (18 lines per second) with the integrated thermal printer with graphic capability
  • Protect against fraud and identity theft with secure encryption and authentication of applications
  • Meets security standards, including PCI PED v3
  • Password protection restricts access to configuration, transactions and reporting functions

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Canadian Card Services is officially licensed by MasterCard and Visa International as an Independent Sales Organisation Member Service Provider.
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